New ON-DEMAND Workshop for Course and Digital Product Creators

e-Book in a Weekend with ChatGPT

Learn how to use ChatGPT to create an eBook that you can begin selling in just a few days to create a passive stream of revenue for your online business.  


Creating a low-ticket offer like an e-Book can be quick and easy when you use ChatGPT, a powerful and free Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool.  

When you enroll in this on-demand workshop, you'll learn how to:

We'll kick things off with an overview of how to use ChatGPT the right way - even if it's your first time using it!  I'll share my best tips for what input to give ChatGPT to get the best possible outputs, so that you can use it to craft content that works for you and your business.

Next, I'll share my screen and demonstrate exactly how to use ChatGPT to create the content, title, and description for an e-book that's designed to appeal to your target audience.  By following my process, you'll be able to complete the first draft of your e-book in an hour.*   

Finally, I'll show you how to use Canva to create a polished and professional design for your e-book - for free!  We'll also cover how to turn the final draft into a .pdf so that you can begin promoting the e-book to your audience.   

*Please note that the ChatGPT output should be used as a first draft only. I recommend checking the ChatGPT output for accuracy, adding your own voice to the content, and editing it based on your knowledge and expertise.  This process will take a few more hours.

In addition to the e-Book in a Weekend Workshop recording, you'll also receive these bonuses:

‚ústPlug-and-play ChatGPT¬†prompts: These are the prompts that I use in¬†specifically for e-books, so all you have to do is copy and paste them into ChatGPT, fill in some information specific to your business and audience, and¬†you'll have your first draft ready in no time.¬†¬†

‚ústA fillable Google doc workbook: Use this workbook to conveniently save all your ChatGPT outputs in one organized file that you can easily edit to produce your final draft.¬†¬†

‚ústA customizable e-Book template: Once you finish editing the e-Book content, plug it into this Canva template, download it as a .pdf, and you'll be ready to start selling it - in just one weekend!¬†

Sounds Great - I'm ready to get started!

Hi! In case we haven't met, I'm Christina Rava.

If you're ready to ditch the 1:1 services and scale your revenue with less hustle, you're in the right place.

Selling online courses and digital products is a great way to shift away from the trading-time-for-money business model.  The problem is that most business owners don't have much time to create a brand new offer to sell.  

But free AI tools available to us today can drastically cut down on the time it takes to create a digital product, and that's why I'm on a mission to help other online business owners to see first hand just how easy it is to get started with ChatGPT.

I recorded this workshop to help you move past time barriers and create an e-Book that you can start selling in a matter of days to bring in a new, passive stream of income into your business. 


One thing I can promise you is that this workshop isn't fluff.  You'll walk away with specific, actionable steps that you can implement right away!

Pre-recorded training and bonuses

Learn how to create a compelling e-book in just one weekend using ChatGPT!

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