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This program is designed to fast-track your online course business growth.  

I know that as a busy entrepreneur, you don't have the time to figure things out on your own or to take the long route when it comes to launching an online course.

That's why The Kajabi Course Launch Prep School is set up to give you everything you need to create an online course and start selling it in as little as 6 weeks.

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Have we met before? As seen in...

Launching a scalable digital product like an online course is your ticket to greater time and financial freedom.

If you're anything like the other ambitious business owners I work with, you enjoy helping your clients 1:1 but still find yourself thinking:

  • Can’t I have just one day with no Zoom meetings?
  • I don’t want to bring my laptop on vacation, but if I don’t squeeze in some work I’m not going to make any money for the week. 
  • Ugh, so many expenses this month - I want to make more money but I’m already exhausted from all the work that’s already on my schedule. 
  • $10k months?  Sounds amazing, but I’d have to put in so many hours to get there it makes me want to cry.
  • It would be nice to have a semi-passive stream of income because I'm ready to crush it this year!

So then you considered this online course thing, which sounds great in theory, buuuuttt…..

  • Where are you supposed to even start?  When you begin to think about webinars, sales pages, email marketing, payment processing, your head starts spinning because you have no idea how all the pieces fit together. 
  • And then there’s ALL. THE. TECH.  You heard Kajabi is the best platform for course creators, but you logged in and your first thought was OMG - help!!!
  • But you’re determined to launch your course, so then you start Googling things, watching YouTube tutorials, posting in Facebook groups, and driving Kajabi support crazy with all your questions.  
  • And before you know it weeks or even months have gone by, and you feel like you’re barely even using Kajabi and not much closer to getting your course launched.

So maybe you start to wonder - is there a better way? 

How can you create and launch your course faster so that you can get those first few students in the door and move closer to achieving $10k months?

If you’re an online business owner who's ready to stop wasting time and finally get your course out into the world so you can start making money from it, you're in the right place.

I understand what it's like to be excited about the idea of launching a course, but clueless as to how to actually do it, because that was how I was - for a loooong time.


I had reached a plateau in my service-based business where I wanted to grow my revenue but felt stuck because I was already maxed out with clients.  I knew that launching an online course would be a great way to scale, but I was seriously short on time, didn't have a lot of experience with Kajabi, and felt slightly (ok, very) overwhelmed at the the thought of all the work that would be involved with creating and selling my course.


But I knew that I had to make my launch happen, because I was exhausted from constantly trading time for money.  I felt ready to create a more sustainable way of generating revenue without sacrificing so much of my time (and sanity 😭).

Learning Kajabi and how to successfully sell online courses did require a learning curve, but I can honestly say it was the best decision I ever made for my business.

And now I want to share with you the exact systems and proven process I followed, and have taught my clients, to create a profitable online course business with Kajabi.  


"Christina has been so helpful in getting my butt in gear by giving me real actionable steps to get from my ideas of an online course to an actual course on Kajabi.  She knows all of the little steps that are needed to set everything up, keep yourself organized, and gave me some much-needed momentum!"

~ Erin R., Meditation Teacher

So whether you're...

A side hustler who wants to make a full time income online so you can leave your 9-5

A mom who wants to run a successful online business and still have plenty of time to spend with your kids each week

A coach who has already achieved amazing results with clients and wants to impact even more people

A service provider who is an expert at what they do and has a signature process that can be packaged into a digital product


...I created Course Launch Prep School for you!

Tell me, are you ready to:

Create a simple and effective system for marketing, selling, and delivering an online course 

Earn more money without taking on more 1:1 clients

Master Kajabi so that tech headaches are a thing of the past and no longer get in the way of growing your business

→ Have a clear strategy and process in place for launching and filling the founding member's round of your course

→ Take your online coaching or service-based business to the next level in by positioning yourself as the expert in your field and scaling your revenue to $5k-$10k months and beyond?

...And do all of this as quickly and easily as possible?

…Well I can tell you that all of this is in reach for you!

As a Kajabi expert and business owner who has been in the online course industry for more than 5 years, I know this not only because I’ve done it myself, but also because I've helped dozens of other coaches and service providers to do it too.

"Christina might be a Kajabi angel!"

"Christina might be a Kajabi angel!  She came into my online-course-building life at just the right time. I was exhausted and needed help!   When I think of doing all that work by myself I could faint."

Cindy L.

"I went from tech overwhelm to excited to launch!"

"Working with Christina has far exceeded my expectations! I finally found someone who has helped me simplify and go from tech overwhelm to excited to launch!”

Paula P. 

Course Launch Prep School

A step-by-step roadmap designed to help you plug into a proven process for launching and growing a profitable online course business with Kajabi.

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When you join the Course Launch Prep School, you'll get instant access to an easy to follow curriculum that will teach you exactly what to do to create and launch a course with Kajabi so that you can start making sales in as little as 6 weeks.

Follow the proven roadmap inside Course Launch Prep School to learn:

Module 1

  • Objective: Set the right foundation by mapping out an organized and transformative course.
  • Choose a course topic that will have your ideal customers excited to buy
  • Identify a price point that helps you to achieve your business goals while also offering a great value to your students 
  • Design a course curriculum that's easy to follow and gets your students the results they're seeking

Module 2

  • Objective: Create and record course content as quickly and efficiently as possible
  • Learn how to pre-sell your course so that you can get paid to create it
  • Easily design presentation slides and record videos for your course in as little as a week
  • Use free, user-friendly tools to create workbooks and other downloadable resources to supplement the main content and add value to your course

Module 3

  • Objective: Create an on-brand, professional looking, and organized course within Kajabi.
  • Follow simple, beginner-friendly tech tutorials to upload and organize your course content to make it easy for students to navigate and progress through the course.
  • Learn how to include various forms of course media such as videos, audio files, written content, and .pdf downloads.
  • Customize the course dashboard, member library, and login pages with your own branding. 

Module 4

  • Objective: Set up time-saving, hassle-free automations to collect payments and onboard new students
  • Learn how to easily create an automated sales funnel in Kajabi with simple, beginner-friendly tech tutorials
  • Add a payment plan option to make the course offer accessible to more people
  • Set up an automated system to onboard and welcome news students into your course to make a positive first impression

Module 5

  • Objective: Create a high-converting course sales page in Kajabi to turn leads into buyers.
  • Learn how to create a professional looking, effective course sales page in Kajabi even if you don't have strong design or tech skills
  • Optimize both the design and content of the sales page to highlight the value of your course, appeal to your ideal clients, and convert leads into sales

Module 6

  • Objective: Launch with a simple no-stress system that you set up once and then can use over and over again 
  • Learn effective promotion strategies and how to use different types content to share your offer with your audience and make sales
  • Leverage special discounts and time urgency to increase course enrollments
  • Gather insights from your launch that you can use to optimize your course and marketing plan

✧ bonus 

When you join Course Launch Prep School, you'll also be invited into a dynamic private community of other Kajabi course creators for support, feedback, and collaboration opportunities.

This private community is designed just for awesome course creators like you! This is where the magic happens – support, advice, and connections that'll rock your course creation journey.  Inside this community, you'll be able to:

Connect with fellow Kajabi course creators: share stories, tricks, and tips that make the course creation journey a win-win for everyone.  

Get help, ideas, and feedback: Got questions? Need ideas? Want a second set of eyes on something?  Our community's got your back.

Feel the love: Let's be real, online business can feel lonely sometimes.  But with a community of fellow course creators, you can celebrate one another's wins, provide motivation and accountability, and feel supported every step of the way.  

Imagine the impact this program can make for you!


Life before Course Launch Prep School

  • You’ve been sitting on your course idea for so long that you’ve begun to wonder if you’ll ever be able to actually launch the darn thing or if it’s just a dream.
  • You logged into Kajabi, broke into a cold sweat, logged back out, and decided that you’d get around to learning it… at some point.  But those monthly subscription bills keep reminding you that you really should be making better use of the platform.
  • Or you decided to take a shot at figuring out the tech, but feel so frustrated that you have to Google every little thing or bombard Kajabi support with an endless list of questions.
  • And honestly, you’re so maxed out with Zoom calls and client work that you literally don’t have any energy left to deal with figuring out how to launch your course.


Life after the Course Launch Prep School

  • You don’t feel like a confused DIYer anymore - you’ve mastered Kajabi and can navigate it like a pro.  
  • You feel completely prepared to launch - it’s time to start making some money from this course that you’ve been dreaming about for so long!
  • You’re excited about the possibility of helping more people with your content and now you have a sustainable system for doing it.  
  • You can finally reduce 1:1 client work and take a much-needed vacation because you now have a scalable stream of revenue in place for your business. 


"I'm so glad I decided to join Course Launch Prep School with Christina because she really knows her stuff when it comes to managing the tech and the ins and outs of course launching, and that took so much pressure off me."

Rhona E. 

"I am so thankful for Christina! I was muddling along trying to create my course but had no idea how to use Kajabi. I'm so glad I decided to join Course Launch Prep School with Christina because she really knows her stuff when it comes to managing the tech and the ins and outs of course launching, and that took so much pressure off of me.

Because she also demonstrated everything in an easy to follow manner I am learning to use Kajabi better now myself. For anyone who has a course but is not good with tech, I'd highly recommend this course and working with Christina. Her personality is easy going, calm and friendly and she is brilliant so it's a great mix. Hands down- if you need Kajabi help- go with Christina- she's the best!"


"Run, do not walk to join Course Launch Prep School!"

Pamela S.

"If you are at all confused about launching your course on Kajabi, this program has it all-- step-by-step, clear trainings for both the tech and the marketing, Christina's amazing support and expertise and a wonderful community in which to get additional support and ask questions in between live calls. The guest experts are the icing on the cake, and give so much insight and value.  More importantly, I have the skills and confidence to continue onward, knowing that I can always reference the course trainings if I get stuck!"


"This program is by far the best investment I have made in building my online products."

April Z.

"I am so grateful for finding Christina and her Kajabi Course Launch Prep School program. Her step by step approach helped me find my confidence in building my Kajabi course.

Her calm, supportive, and clear manner took the overwhelm out for me. The weekly modules really helped me to see how a complex task broken down into achievable steps could help me figure out how to do this work on my own. I appreciated her checklist of tasks so it was clear what needed to be accomplished and the visual support has helped me to stay on track.

This course is by far the best investment I have made in building my online products. It really took the overwhelm away and instead gave me step-by-step actions to take. Thanks, Christina for this course and your support!"


"Christina goes above and beyond helping us and teaches in a way that was easy to understand.  I can't put a value on how much I learned in this course."

 Kristi G.

"I feel much more confident in my technical skills since going through the course! Christina was so patient and answered all of our questions. I feel she over-delivered, went above and beyond helping each one of us, and taught in a way that was easy to understand.  This program helped me feel even more confident in my course creation skills while still teaching me SO many things about Kajabi that I was unaware of.  I would highly encourage you to join Course Launch Prep School. I can't put a value on how much I learned in this course."


"Course Prep School has improved my confidence with the course launching process."

Julie C.

"Course Launch Prep School has helped me understand the steps that go into marketing my course as part of my funnel. I learned how to craft emails, landing pages and my sales page in a way that will speak specifically to my audience and increase the likelihood of sales.  CLPS has improved my confidence with the course launching process. I am much more aware of the overall process involved, as well as the steps I need to take to launch my course. This course has given me both a 'big picture' of the process as well as the details I need to work through each step with confidence."


"Thank you for providing clarity and calm on what can often be a confusing path of business building!"

Caitilin T. 

"When I switched to Kajabi, Christina helped me avoid getting stuck in overwhelm and moved me straight to understanding the best ways for me to use the many tools Kajabi offers based on what my business needs.  Thank you, Christina, for providing clarity and calm on what can often be a confusing path of business building!"

Still have questions? 

I want to make sure you're completely comfortable and confident in your decision to join Course Launch Prep School, so I've laid out my responses to some common questions below. 

Are you thinking....?

Q: I don’t have time to squeeze something else into my schedule.

A: If time is your concern, you NEED to join this program now!  If you want to get your course launched without wasting a ton of time trying to figure it out on your own and then second-guessing whether you even did it correctly, then the Course Launch Prep School will help you get everything done faster and more efficiently.

"I spent months overwhelmed with technical issues and I wish I found Christina earlier. If you’re thinking about working with Christina I can tell you that the experience allowed me to be excited about offering my content again.”

~ Patricia D.

Q: I’m seriously allergic to tech.

A: I honestly get it.  When I first started my business, I was totally clueless about everything tech-related. 

But the truth is that it’s pretty much impossible to avoid tech when you’re running an online business, and in the long run the tech saves you a ton of time compared to having to do everything manually. 

I designed the Course Launch Prep School to make it as simple and easy as possible for you to get up to speed with navigating and making the best possible use of the platform. 

"The Course Launch Prep School boosted my technical skills because I was able to learn and put everything into practice as Christina taught us, step-by-step. Her teaching style is very clear and easy to understand even for someone like me, who has been averse to technology."

~ Pam S.

Q: Wouldn’t it be easier to just pay someone to set up everything for me?

A: Yes, you could pay someone else to do it for you and that could save you some time short-term. 

But without understanding the fundamentals of everything yourself, you’d have no way of knowing if the person set everything up correctly, and if you wanted to make any changes down the road, you’d end up having to pay for support again. 

Plus, having a successful online course business depends just as much on the strategy as the tech, and you won’t learn that piece of it if you pay someone to set things up for you.

"We were new to implementing Kajabi as our platform.  From the beginning, Christina was a pleasure to work with.  She helped our ‘get setup and launched’ period feel less overwhelming and even very manageable.  I appreciated her approach of educating us, showing relevant examples and empowering us to do the work ourselves.”

~ Maggie J.

Q: I don’t have the money for this.

A: Although this may seem like a lot to spend right now, think about the return on your investment. 

Creating a course will allow you to multiply your income much faster and more easily than continuing to offer 1:1 services. 

Plus you will be able to avoid burning out by setting up a more manageable and sustainable business, and for many people that’s priceless.

“Christina Rava ROCKED out our course sales page.  Our sales conversion from the month prior was 2.86%.  After we improved our sales page with Christina, we had our best month ever with a 7%+ sales conversion rate! Do yourselves a favor and work with Christina! The numbers don't lie!”

~ Annette and Sarah

Let's Do This!


"Christina pays attention to the smallest detail to make sure that everything is meticulously laid out for a successful course launch." 

Verna L. 


"OMG!  I must say right off the top that when working with Christina, you have no reason to look anywhere else for help with getting your course set up.  She is extremely knowledgeable and exceptional with the support she offers.  From putting together the sales page, the landing page, funnels/pipelines, and everything else straight through to the technical aspect – she is a Kajabi genius!  And I say this without any hesitation.


I don’t know how she does it but she goes inside of your mind (so-to-speak) and pulls out exactly what you are thinking and what needs to be said to effectively market your product.  She pays attention to the smallest detail to make sure that everything is meticulously laid out for a successful course launch."

This is your opportunity to get everything you need to launch a course with Kajabi so you can scale your income and impact without hustling harder.

Ready to launch your online course business so you can stop trading time for money? 

Join Course Launch Prep School today!

Course Launch Prep School


  • 6 core on-demand modules that walk you step-by-step through the process of creating an online and launching an online course
  • Over-the-shoulder tech tutorials so that you can follow along click-by-click as I set up a course and automated sales funnel in Kajabi.
  • Lifetime access to the course content and all future updates
  • Bonus 1: Private Community - When you join Course Launch Prep School, you'll also receive an invitation to join a private community Facebook of other Kajabi course creators for support, feedback, accountability, and networking opportunities.  
  • Bonus 2: List Building with Kajabi course - This bonus will help you to grow an email list of your targeted audience members who are the perfect fit your course.
  • Bonus 3: Beginner Video Editing with Descript course - No need to hire a professional video editor!  Learn how to use the user-friendly platform Descript to create professional videos for your course without spending thousands on professional editing services.
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"Thank you for helping this very non-techy person successfully start their business."

Prior to taking your course, I had been in 'new business' planning mode for well over a year.  So to actually execute (and sell!) my own course finally got the momentum started for me and it feels like I’ve turned a corner.  I just wanted to thank you for helping this very non-tech person successfully start their business.

~Lisa S.

"Christina's depth of understanding of Kajabi was evident as she suggested perfect solutions for the nuances of our business."

"Christina's depth of understanding of Kajabi was evident as she suggested perfect solutions for the nuances of our business. We mostly needed technical help, and she knew the software inside and out. She was great to work with and I would highly recommend her."

~Sue C.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's a Yes for Me!

Still debating whether to enroll?  Here's what some past clients had to say about working with me:

Christina is amazing at what she does! I am new to using Kajabi, and know very little about tech.  I can’t even imagine if I were to have tried completing it all by myself. I have no words for how much she helped me. The outcome is professional and even better than I could have imagined! I highly recommend working with Christina."

~ Jenny G.

"I loved working with Christina because she thoroughly explains the strategy behind attracting clients.  I found the strategizing behind the creation very energizing and exciting!  My creativity really flourished with Christina’s helpful direction and that was vital for me in the beginning.”

~ Ashley P.

Christina took a very daunting project and broke it down into a smaller more manageable pieces that I could easily understand." 

~ Anita P.

"Christina was very responsive to each question I had and made the process so easy for me.”

~ Kate M.

“Christina's expertise and insight has been very helpful, especially as she was able to teach me how to manage and navigate everything in Kajabi on my own."

~ Andrea K.

"Christina provided way more value than I anticipated. I feel empowered to get going with something that has really been scaring me!"

~ Eileen M.

“Christina patiently explains the process step by step and helped me bring my vision to reality."

~ Sandhya M.

A Final Note from Christina

If we haven’t officially met or connected online, I’m Christina Rava, a Kajabi specialist and certified Funnel Pro.  

I can't wait to support you in scaling your business with an online course.  Growing my own business has transformed my life, not only in terms of the money I have made, but also in terms of personal growth, confidence, and lifestyle.

But I also remember the times when I felt completely burned out and frustrated that I couldn’t make any money without cramming more appointments into my busy schedule and cutting down on days off.  

I honestly wish I had created a scalable stream of revenue sooner; it would have saved me not only time, but also a lot of stress and frustration.   

If you’re like me and the clients I work with, you value your time and your sanity more than anything else!  That's why I'm so passionate about doing what I do; it’s about so much more than making more money (although that’s huge too!).  It’s about feeling:

✓ A sense of accomplishment when you grow your business to the next level. 

✓ Relief that you can finally take nights, weekends, and holidays off, guilt-free. 

✓ Satisfaction from being able to serve way more people than you ever could with 1:1 work.

✓ Creative energy from finally having the time and space to think about where you want your business to go next. 

✓ Pride in the leadership you show in your industry, and in the example you set for your children or other people around you.  

If these things resonate with you, then I created Course Launch Prep School with you in mind!  I want to make your journey from coach or service provider to course creator as clear, simple, and rewarding as possible. 

Are you ready to do this?  I would be honored to support you in creating more growth and momentum in your business and hope to see you inside the program. 

Join Me Inside Course Launch Prep School!