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An online course is your ticket to more time and financial freedom because once you create it, you can sell it over an over again.

And when you grab my Online Course Planner Bundle, you'll know exactly what to do to get started with your course!

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Hey there, fellow entrepreneur!

If you're an established online business owner - a coach, freelancer, or service provider - who's been itching to create and launch your own online course, then this is for you.

With the help of the Online Course Planner Bundle, you can plan, create, and launch a successful course that not only brings in revenue, but also serves your audience in a meaningful way.

This bundle includes two printable .pdf planners:

✓ One planner provides a framework to guide you through the process of selecting a profitable course topic, identifying your target audience, outlining the lesson plan and transformational content, and even selecting bonuses.

✓ The other planner provides a step-by-step, 8-week launch plan so that you know exactly what to do to market and sell your offer.  

So, are you ready to turn your ideas into reality and make a difference in the lives of your audience?

Yes, I'm ready for my action plan!

"This planner takes a very big project and breaks it down into smaller, more manageable pieces."

 ~ Anita P.

The idea of launching an online course is exciting for so many reasons.

Regardless of what kind of business you have, you can benefit from creating and launching an online course:

✓ Coaches who want to serve more people without taking on additional 1:1 clients

✓ Freelancers who want to share their knowledge and experience with other business owners or people who want to DIY the work

✓ Service providers who want to diversify their income streams

✓ Teachers who want to reach a wider audience

✓ Any entrepreneurs who wants to monetize their expertise and establish themselves as an authority in their field


But the problem is that you don't know where to start!

Once you decide to create an online course, you may be filled with both excitement and uncertainty.  


You're passionate about your craft, but turning that passion into a successful online course is a different ballgame entirely!


And the problem is that it's easy to waste time and lose focus when you don't know where to start and are limited by your time and other business responsibilities.


But don't worry; you're not alone in this struggle! These problems are common among creative business owners, and that's why I created the Online Course Planner Bundle.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed and uncertain as you begin your course creation journey, follow the simple framework laid out for you in the Online Course Planner Bundle so you can create and launch your course with more clarity and confidence!
The Online Course Planner Bundle

This bundle includes two resources to guide you through the process of creating and launching an online course, while staying organized and on track the whole time!

Online Course Content Planner

The Online Course Content Planner is a 37 page downloadable planner designed to help you choose a profitable topic and design an effective curriculum for your course so that your students achieve the results they are seeking.  

Online Course Launch Planner

The Online Course Launch Planner is a 51 page planner that walks you through the steps for marketing and launching your course in an 8 week time frame. 

Get both of these course planners for just $17!

"You provided way more value than I anticipated. I feel empowered to get going with something that has really been scaring me!"

~Eileen M.


I'm Christina Rava

As an Online Course Launch Coach and Strategist, I want to share with you the benefits of using The Online Course Planner Bundle.

1. Gain clarity and focus: You'll have a clear direction and structured process for course planning, which will help prevent feelings of overwhelm and uncertainty. 

2. Save time and effort: The planners will save you time and energy by helping you to work efficiently and focus on the important steps you need to take to go from course idea to launch.  

3. Increase your odds of success: Well-planned course content and a comprehensive launch strategy are critical to attracting and converting potential students into paying customers.

In other words, The Online Course Planner Bundle is the perfect tool for established online business owners looking to create and launch their courses easily and with confidence.  With these planners, you'll have a clear system to plan out a transformative and profitable course that will bring you greater income and impact for years to come! 

I'm ready to get my course created faster >>

"Christina takes what could be a daunting project and makes it a breeze."

~Nicole P.

Ready to finally get started on that course you've been thinking about for a long time?

With the Online Course Planner Bundle, you no longer have to feel overwhelmed or put your course on the back burner because you don't know where to start.

Instead, you'll have a clear roadmap for planning out your course content and launch strategy from start to finish.

Imagine being able to serve more people without sacrificing more of your time and energy - with the Online Course Planner Bundle, it's not just a dream, it's a reality.

Grab this offer today to get instant access to:

⇒ The Online Course Content Planner: This planner is designed to help you identify your target audience, choose a profitable topic, and design an effective curriculum for your course so that your students achieve the results they are seeking.  

⇒ The Online Course Launch Planner: The second planner is designed to be used after you create your course and are ready to begin promoting and selling it.  It lays out the components and steps behind an 8-week live launch plan.   

Get Instant Access to Both Planners for Only $17

Let's Do This!

I'm confident that with the two planners included in this bundle, you'll have a clear plan of action to follow to create and launch your course with confidence. 

If you’re not 100% satisfied with these planners within 3 days of purchase, simply email me and I'll gladly return your investment.

Create a profitable and impactful online course that will bring your business to the next level.


These are the benefits waiting for you as an online course creator:

✓ Reach and help more people beyond 1:1 services

✓ Offer potential clients a more flexible and affordable means of working with you

✓ Increase revenue without working more hours

✓ Add white space to your work calendar to allow you more time for creativity and business planning

✓ Establish yourself as an expert in your field


Don't miss out!  Get the Online Course Planner Bundle today and take the first step toward scalable and sustainable business growth.

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