October 25 - 29, 2021

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Feedback from my last training:

"The whole training was a series of "a-ha" moments."

"I came into it looking for clarity and you definitely delivered. Your step-by-step approach was perfect for me because I am a visual learner, and you made what had been extremely confusing become CRYSTAL clear. In fact, it ended up saving me money, time and a great deal of stress. THANK YOU!"

"It's hard to pick just one thing (that I learned) because the entire thing was so informational."

"You did amazing explaining everything so that it makes it easy for others who don't have as much experience with it. Amazing job!

"Christina is very easy to understand. I actually think I could do some of these steps now!"

"(The walk-through of) building the course was so helpful! I can’t wait to go back through the replay."

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