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Grow your Impact and Income Online Through a Digital Course

You don't need to sacrifice more of your energy and time to grow your coaching or consulting business!  Creating a digital course allows you to help more people and increase your revenue without taking on more 1:1 clients.  

Create Your Profitable Course Blueprint

Launching an online course is the key to serving more people and growing your wellness business at the same time - without burning out. 

Keep reading to find out how I can help you to add this profitable and scalable stream of revenue to your business. 


The Profitable Course Blueprint Workshop

Curious about creating a course but not sure where to start?

Register for my live workshop, The Profitable Course Blueprint, to learn how to create a detailed plan for a course that's designed to sell.

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The Online Course Starter Template Pack

Like most online business owners, you're probably seriously short on time! 

If you want to jumpstart your course business, look no further than the Online Course Template Pack, a collection of customizable, plug-and-play Canva templates that will save you hours of time and help you to create beautiful and effective resources for your course.

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Kajabi is an all-in-one platform for marketing and selling digital products like online courses and memberships.  

It gives you all the tools you need to run an online business and if you use the link* below you can check out the platform and all of its features for free for 30 days. 

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Hi there, I'm Christina Rava —

As a coach, you can transform more lives with your expertise through an online course - and multiply your profits too. 

By only offering 1:1 services, there's a limit to both the number of people you can help and the revenue you can bring in, because you're trading time for money. 

But with an online course, you can scale your revenue and your impact without maxing out your energy and time.  

So let's work together to package and monetize your expertise into an offer that you create once and then sell over and over again.

Click below to set up a discovery call to chat about how I can help you get your course launched in the next 90 days.

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"When working with Christina, you have no reason to look anywhere else for help with getting your course set up.  She is extremely knowledgeable and exceptional with the support she offers.  From putting together the sales page, the landing page, funnels/pipelines, and everything else straight through to the technical aspect – she is a Kajabi genius!  And I say this without any hesitation.


I don’t know how she does it but she goes inside of your mind (so-to-speak) and pulls out exactly what you are thinking and what needs to be said to effectively market your product.  She pays attention to the smallest detail to make sure that everything is meticulously laid out for a successful course launch."

Verna L.
Got a great course idea but short on time?

The Online Course Template Pack is the key to making faster progress on your course creation journey.

If you're ready to go from "thinking about it" to making your course a reality, the plug-and-play resources inside of the Online Course Template Pack will help you get going quickly - without any overwhelm.

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